Preserve your life memories with digital scrapbooking and retell all of your favourite memories in your own unique way through a digital family story book filled with scrapbook layouts that hold your treasured photos, life quotes and journal story. Welcome to Beehaven Designz, the digital scrapbook hive for all the buzz in digital scrapbooking products, and inspiration!

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You to can create your very own digital scrapbook keepsake for your most favoured memories being a special event scrapper, an everyday life scrapper through capturing daily life with project 365 or the popular project life scrapbooking.
Taking the first step in getting started with digital scrapbooking begins with learning the basics of digital scrapbooking, leading you to self discover of your inner creative side with the reward of simple pleasure in the joy as you learn and grow with each digital scrapbook page you create and add to your digital scrapbook album.

Embrace digital scrapbooking and tell your family story showcasing your photos, retell the memories in words and discover just how creative you are free to be when designing your own stunning digital scrapbook pages.