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Random Act of Kindness Giveaway

We get so much enjoyment seeing all the love you give us with your posts. Additionally, we want to thank you for your loyalty with a Random Act of Kindness giveaway. We love hanging out on Instagram and Facebook with our fans, and VIP’s. 1. Firstly be sure to follow us on our preferred social […]

52 Week Colour Challenge No 7

Colour Inspiration Candy Sugar Colour Pallet

What a striking colour combination I have for you for Week 7 of the 52-week colour challenge. This sugar candy colour pallet is versatile for both feminine and floral inspiration projects. Additionally, when I was deciding on the colour combination I envisaged spring blooms and easter eggs. A big thanks to scrapbook melissah for the […]

52 week Colour Challenge No 6

Citrus Colour Pallet

Vibrant yellow, orange and reds are the colours I most think of for a memorable autumn colour pallet, in addition to the colouring turning leaves. This week’s inspiration for the 52-week colour challenge brings to mind so many fond memories of the falling leaves of autumn, blowing around the yard and playing in the leaves. […]

52 Week Colour Challenge No 5

Citrus Colour Pallet

Bursting with summer, this week’s Citrus Colour Pallet is oozing with the taste of oranges, lemons, limes and strawberries. A fruity tone inspires week 5 of the 52-week colour challenge in the creation of this pallet.  Fruity summer projects will be perfect fits for the tonnes of this pallet. This week I was inspired by […]

52 Week Colour Challenge No 4

Sophisticated Colour Pallet

A masculine yet sophisticated colour pallet is what I have for you in week 4 with the 52 colour inspiration challenge. I really adore the creative take on pumpkin decorating which inspires so many ideas for me on how to use stripes or plaids in a design for a future project. A big shout out […]

52 Week Colour Challenge No 3

Warm denim and fresh snow inspired navy pink colour pallet

Warm denim and fresh snow are the inspiration for this Navy Pink Colour Pallet. A new colour pallet addition for week 3 of the 52-week colour challenge. The selection of navy and warm pink tones brighten the feeling of warmth and love. Thank you to scrapbook-melissah for sharing your image inspiration. Navy Pink Colour Pallet […]