Plan Bee Monthly sticker kit subscription for your choice of planner Vertical, Horizontal, TN Minis, Leanne Baker Daily and LBD Weekly Planner.

Plan Been Sticker Subscription includes an upcoming collection that you receive in advance with a discount! A coordinating weekly kit, monthly page kits are available PLUS a functional pack.

The MONTHLY subscription and the MYSTERY kit are two different things. 
The monthly subscription is for a sticker kit collection that is sent to you automatically each month 2 weeks before the collection is released in the shop.

The mystery honey pot is a surprise sticker kit with mystery stationery items that will not be available in its entirety in the shop. The mystery sticker kit itself will not immediately be available in the store but may come to the shop at a later date.

Sticker Kit Subscription

Weekly Planner Sticker Kit Subscription

From: $18.00 / month

Sticker Kit Subscription

Monthly Sticker Kit Subscription

From: $8.50 / month

Sticker Kit Subscription

Functional Sticker Subscription

$25.00 on the 15th of each month
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