Custom Tiny Text Planner Stickers


You will receive One (1) sticker sheet with ONE word only, repeated on the sheet. Custom Two-line phrase stickers are here.

  • Limit of 15 characters including spaces or special characters.
    Remember the longer your word, the smaller your text and the harder it is to read!
  • Available in one size TINY approx 0.65cm tall X 2.7cm wide or smaller – will never be wider than 2.7cm.*
    * NOTE: Word width and number of stickers per sheet will vary depending on the number of characters/spaces in your custom word.
  • ONE (1) Colour choice per entire sheet no mixed colours sorry.
  • Sticker Sheet Size is 9cm x 12cm
  • Matte non-removable sticker paper (all pens will write on)


Custom Tiny Text Planner Stickers
Custom Tiny Text Planner Stickers

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